Top Tips for Starting a Trampoline Fitness Class

Running regular trampolining fitness sessions is a great way for trampoline parks to attract new visitors and encourage repeat custom. Thinking of starting a fitness class? Here’s how to make it a success.

Market the benefits of trampoline fitness

Trampoline fitness isn’t just a gimmick; it provides some real advantages over other forms of exercise. Sell your class by promoting the many benefits of trampolining:

  • You can do it in all weathers.
  • Trampolining is great for cardiovascular fitness. It helps weight loss, because jumping burns energy.
  • There’s less stress on the body than with activities like jogging, as the trampoline absorbs most of the impact on the joints.
  • It helps to develop balance and co-ordination.
  • It’s a really social activity, so you can do it with friends.
  • It’s a lot of fun, and great for mental health and wellbeing. The feeling of bouncing high on a trampoline can be exhilarating!

Select your target demographic

Trampolining is good exercise for all ages, but you’ll have better success at filling places in your class if you’re clear about who you’re targeting. The nature of your classes will depend on the demographic of your local area and whether you have any particularly quiet periods when you’d like to attract more customers. Trampoline classes for children are an excellent way to attract visitors to your trampoline park in the late afternoons after school, while classes for over-60s could help you to generate more custom during the day.

Offer the first class for free

Trampoline fitness is so much fun that once people have tried it once, they’ll probably want to come back. So your challenge is to get them through the door in the first place. A good tactic is to offer the first class completely free of charge and with no commitment to sign up for anything. That way, you can attract people willing to have a go, and expect a reasonable number of them to come back for more.

How to make your class successful

What’s the secret of a really successful trampolining fitness club? Here are some ideas to incorporate in your venue:

  • Pick an experienced and qualified instructor with good knowledge of health and safety, physiology and first aid. They should also be friendly and able to motivate their class.
  • Offer several different classes for different fitness levels, so that you can appeal to a number of different audiences. You could run a fun class for general fitness, as well as an advanced class for those wanting to develop their gymnastic trampolining skills. It’s even possible to teach trampoline yoga!
  • Make it fun by incorporating music and choreographed dance moves.
  • Consider selling branded fitness wear for participants to wear during the class.
  • Use video technology to help participants check their technique. Action Cam video is a high-tech system that allows you to play back your trampolining video in slow motion, to monitor your progress.

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