Top 7 Trampoline Park Tips

If you’re planning your first trip to a trampoline park, you’re in for a lot of fun! Make sure you get the best out of your experience with these trampoline park tips.

1.    Save time on paperwork

When you visit a trampoline park, they have to give you some safety information. It’s a routine condition of your admittance to read the rules and sign a legal waiver to show that you understand the (minimal) risks. This can take a bit of time, so make your visit smoother by sorting it out in advance online on the trampoline park website. That way, you can jump straight in!

2.    Dress for the occasion

Trampolining is super-fun, but it’s easier and more comfortable if you wear the right clothes. You don’t need any special gear; stretchy or baggy items like shorts, T-shirts and leggings are all good choices. If you usually wear a sports bra when you exercise, it’s a good idea to wear it when trampolining, too. You might need to purchase special socks at reception, so check your trampoline park policy before you go.

3.    Choose a quiet time

As you might imagine, trampoline parks are popular places, and at peak times they can get really busy. For a calmer first-time experience, try to visit during the day, when parks are usually much quieter. Check out your local trampoline park timetable to find out if there are any particular sessions to attend or avoid. You might even find money-off discounts for customers visiting outside peak hours.

4.    Supervise children

Trampoline parks are a great day out for the whole family, but younger children will usually have to stay in a special area, with adult supervision. If you are heading out as a group, check your trampoline park’s rules to make sure you have enough adults to supervise children in different age groups.

5.    Stay hydrated

Bouncing about on the trampolines is thirsty work, so don’t forget to pack a bottle of water to keep you hydrated throughout your visit. Alternatively, most trampoline parks have a café and seating area where you can rest and refuel; remember to bring enough money for refreshments if you plan to visit after your session.

6.    Keep valuables secure (and leave jewellery at home)

If you usually carry your purse in a handbag or your wallet in a pocket, you’ll have to work out what to do with them while you jump. Trampoline parks usually provide secure lockers where you can leave your valuables, but do check their procedure if you’re worried about what will happen to your stuff.  Rings, necklaces, bangles and watches can easily be lost in a trampoline park (and could dig in or be uncomfortable when you jump), so we recommend leaving them at home.

7.    Capture the fun forever!

You’re bound to have lots of laughs as you bounce around the trampoline park. But if you don’t have your phone, how will you capture the fun to share with family and friends? Many trampoline parks have the perfect solution to this dilemma, with specially-designed cameras that capture the footage of your jumps, ready for you to print or upload. Find out more about Action Cam trampoline park cameras.