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A fully integrated professional action camera

Action Cam is an innovative video sports review system installed within a variety of indoor and outdoor active entertainment venues ranging from trampoline parks to holiday resorts. Sponsorships, partnerships and brand experiences are now available, providing an efficient reach to over 5 million young families nationwide.

Action Cam presents an exciting opportunity for you to adopt a new digital advertising channel targeting young families through authentic video content delivered through an innovative system with multiple routes for deployment within the sports, leisure and entertainment industry. Now in situ in locations spanning the UK, Europe and the USA, Action Cam is proud to deliver functionality for venues with a customised installation plan unique to the needs of each client.

How does Action Cam work?

Scan, Jump, Watch, Share.

Our systems operate on either QR coded or RFID wristbands. Wristbands are able to operate without an app and without registration. RFID bands are printed with their unique code and URL information of where clients can retrieve video content. Your monthly usage license fee now allows unlimited usage from each park RFID Wristband Integration.

If your venue uses a RFID guest system registering band to guest, we can easily integrate with your registration software allowing guests to efficiently use one band.

Upon taking part in a jump, dive, ride or climb, a camera will record footage of the user engaging in the sporting activity. This video is then available to be watched on a large screen in the venue, either for enjoyment or performance review purposes. It is also accessible on mobile devices with a login and download option or it can be emailed directly to the user, sending the video link straight to the individual’s inbox.

Links then prompt the user to share the content via email or across their respective social media platforms, putting your brand front and centre of the conversation and increasing your audience reach with high quality and engaging branded video content.

How do you install my Action Cam video system?

The Action Cam video system is simple to install with box configured components, processors and scanners pre-configured to your park prior to installation. Camera quantities relate to the variety of experiences that your guests love, providing great footage for them to watch over and over again.

Step 1

We run a pre-installation visit with you/your venue to agree initial camera positions and to ensure accuracy from the start. Camera choice can also be decided off-plan for new park builds. After this stage, system installation can then be performed solely by Action Cam engineers or can be assisted by the client venue engineers. All installation costs are subject to site requirement and provided as the most efficient option. The system operates on PoE (Power over Ethernet) cabling to all cameras and scanner units. Subject to the scale of the installation, multiple cabling days will initially be arranged prior to installation day.

Step 2

Installation of cameras and scanners follows the cabling day and the system is then powered up and tested zone by zone. We include the flexibility to move cameras to optimise position of shot and provide the best-looking output for your venue. A 24” scan and view touch screen will be fitted below a larger 50” screen playing back the content within the park, providing immediate scan and review for all guests. Each camera is set and timing is tuned for each zone to ensure optimum setting and recording times for both guest entertainment and review.

Step 3

When all installation is completed and fully tested, a handover of the system is completed with full training. Guests can then trigger the system using their RFID or QR coded bands and can instantly engage with their footage.

How can I ensure that videos are bespoke to my venue?

Every video created by guests can have your specific park branding and a variety of customisation applied to them through the automated post edit. Video or images can be used as a top and/or tail for all of the dynamically created videos produced in your venues through the ActionCam system. The video download page itself contains customisation to include a logo, message and optional re-book call to action. Screen ratio is 16:9 and at 720p for both videos and images ensuring optimum display, and the preferred format is mp4 for video or JPEG/PNG for images. Commercial advertising can also be rolled out across your parks and added to your client videos.

Action Cam provides the perfect marketing opportunity for a wide range of indoor and outdoor activity centres. Contact Action Cam today to find out more about our professional action camera system and to discuss your venue’s requirements.

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