How to Transform Visitors Into Social Media Brand Ambassadors

Word-of-mouth recommendations have always been an effective way to gain new customers, and in the age of social media, they’ve never been easier to achieve. Consumers are already using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms to communicate the good, the bad and the ugly about all kinds of products and services – so why not harness their power of persuasion as authentic social media ambassadors for your brand?

Monitor your online mentions

The best social media ambassadors are easy to find – they’re already online, using social media platforms to engage with your brand. By keeping track of who’s actively talking about you online, and engaging with them in a friendly and professional way, you’ll be able to find your most vocal advocates, and help them turn their passion into an authentic voice of support. Even if they’re posting online with a complaint or negative review, your response to their viewpoint could turn things around and persuade them to champion your brand.

Hold a competition

If there’s a freebie up for grabs, you’ll find many of your fans are willing to act as ambassadors for your brand. Why not hold a competition getting people to pose with your product, sharing their pics with a brand hashtag? Or you could ask them to complete a sentence about your brand and post it on their profile. Try to think of ways your followers can be encouraged to spread the word about your product in an authentic way, to catch the attention of their family and friends. Viral video challenges (like the Ice Bucket Challenge) are a fantastic example of user-generated content that gets shared far and wide.

Reward your influencers

You’ll soon get to know the individuals who are truly invested in your brand – they’re likely to interact with you frequently online, or mention you on their own website or blog. You can motivate these highly valuable influencers to work with you by making it rewarding to do so. That doesn’t mean bribing or paying them to sing your praises, but you can take advantage of their existing passion by featuring or retweeting their posts, asking them to write a guest blog on a topic that’s of interest to your audience, or offering them exclusive access to new products or services, perhaps in exchange for an online review.

Facilitate great content

Not all social media users are engaged, dedicated or able enough to write a blog or review. They still have voices that can help publicise your brand, but it’s good to give them a nudge in the right direction by offering them something they’ll really want to share.  Using Action Cam at your venue is a great way to capture unique action shots that your visitors will love. The system makes it super-easy to instantly upload videos and photos to any social media platform, and you can even add your logo or strapline to ensure maximum exposure.

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